When buying and using Enamelware it is important to be aware of the difference between Volumised production and Hand Finished products, most enamelware you see online or in Retail shops will be Volumised manufactured Enamelware.

All Enamel products we sell are Volumised produced unless stated as hand finished and any products we feel are of a poorer finish will be described as Rustic to appeal to our Interior design customers looking for more of an older rustic finish.

Enamelware usually refers to Vitreous enamel also called porcelain enamel which is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate firing usually between 750 and 850 °C (1,380 and 1,560 °F)the powder melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating which can be applied in a number of coats.

Quality of Enamelware is dependent on the gauge of steel and number of coats applied to the product.

Most Volume produced Enamelware cannot be guaranteed to be of a perfect finish and will have some sort of minor Production Fault in it’s finish due to the nature of Production.

To obtain a perfect finished product, each item would need to be hand finished making it very difficult to produce and bring to the market at a reasonable cost.

We Recommend Falcon Housewares Enamel products as they seem to be able to produce a fairly consistent level of quality.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating should not be confused with enamelware, it is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder which is mainly used for coating of metals and Tinware items, in general the product will be lighter than traditional enamelware. 

The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”.

The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. 

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